The Bastard Harpy

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Lets take a minute to discuss what I like to call The Bastard Harpy, recently named of course. I had no reason to name my setups when I was really the only person using them but time seems right.



The almighty….

SP Intense little bastard….

The Bastard Harpy:


What a pretty little picture of death and destruction, look at that. 2 magstabs, a nice big rocket for the extra touch. Holy shit but wait, we have a problem.

My EFT reports its over on CPU and PG, what crazy ass hacks are you using?!

This is the part where I introduce you to The Bastard Harpy clone.

So you might be saying this is a lot of crap, clone is too expensive etc etc.

Let me enlighten you to the stats however, which by the way…are pretty damn impressive and currently there is not a SINGLE frigate that matches in in EHP, DPS, Range and Sig.






Null – 268/308 > 7087m+4200m

Void – 366/422 > 3796m+1500m



sig – 49.2(off)/169 (on)

Lets talk turkey and discuss tactics a little, not too much just the basics and proof of work.

I can not recall losing this fit or previous fits that helped me build up to this fit, to a 1v1 vs anything frigate size. Not even Sabres pre buff. It is one of the very few ships that hit to 10km, yep 10km without ANY loss in damage. It is the only frigate in the game (widely available) that can fit a 10k+ tank while sustaining a consistent DPS number at any given range within tackle range (<9km). The only thing that comes close is the Wolf but without its extra mid for a web, it lacks the range control the Harpy has.

This might sound like I am being all big headed and I am literally TELLING you this is thee most versatile frigate in the game, I might be but all this information I am writing is coming from in-game experience, this is not an EFT warrior.

The Original Bastard Harpy


Ok right fair enough it was not called The Bastard Harpy, thats the name I gave this fit in particular however the first fit similar came about when I believe a Zach Donnel, if I have spelt that correctly came up with the duel magstab, micro aux, 2 neutron 2 ion Harpy. So the credit for the base of my fit goes to him, he brought the fit out to the public in one of his PVP videos, all of which can be found HERE. However with nerfs, buffs and complete reworks of the AF class and Blasters, CCP really made this ship shine.


Adapting The Fit


It was no doubt after the AF buff, everyone was flying AF’s everywhere. The poor Daredevil, the little Dramiel…both slowly taken over by far superior ships for half the price. The day was sad but times must go on. I adapted my first Harpy fit from Zach Donnels directly, all I done was take advantage of the CPU buff for Hybrids. Meaning 4 neutrons could be fitted opposed to the only possible previous 2.


Then came EFT warrior, I was determined to do one thing with this fit.

Make it hurt, bad. Fit as minimum tank as possible and damage wherever possible without gimping the fit completely, spending whatever is required. This means biggest guns, as many damage mods as possible.

This is where I discovered the true power of the Genolution implants, what an addition these implants have been to the game. They might not look like anything special but when it comes to those really tight frigate fittings, they where a godsend. What made Zachs fit really shine had made mine shine as well, the sheer simplicity, really its so simple…yet it remains all Tech2.


The Character Behind The Ship

The success of this ship greatly depends on your judgement, timings and over all gunnery skills. Such skills as AF V and Acceleration Control V are extra bonus on top of max gunnery support skills. The implant set is not up for discussion, the Genos are MANDATORY. The 5% damage implants however, can be downsized to 3%’s shaving about 100mil off the clone price. the Weapon Upgrades implant is also MANDATORY, a Zors implants is recommended.

I do NOT recommend flying this ship without AF IV minimum, as well as Blaster spec 4. It is very skill intensive, It will require AWU V


Remember, fly with null. Fly dangerous.


Feel free to check my killboard for more insight on what this little fella is capable off and use the comment section to discuss the fit itself, keep the criticism constructive and as clean as possible.


In 7 days time, I will be writing about MkII of this fit but it requires insane fitting skills to work but I will let you know one thing, in fact nah just wait.

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